Hidden Falls with Jones Jeeps

Whew – it’s been a crazy March. Between multiple birthdays and hitting the trails, I only just now finally had a chance to dig through the GoPro footage from February and put together a video from our outing with the Hill Country Crawlers & Jones Jeeps.  It was a blast. We felt like VIPs as the weekend we picked was early enough in the season that we were the only guests, so we got to wheel sandwiched between Mr. Jones himself and their good friends Jim and Debbie from the Crawlers in the RTQL8 rig.  I thought the GoPro was going to be the only source of footage, but it turns out Debbie is the videographer for their group, so we actually have bona fide professional coverage of the day. Very cool.

We started the morning in Area B in Hidden Falls Adventure Park, where Jones Jeeps has a reserved spot (soon, they’ll have a storefront at the entrance to the park!).  We brought a couple of our good friends who were brave enough to come with on our first go.  We met Keith Jones, who walked us through some ready checks.  I tried to do my homework before arriving – I had my CB radio ready to rock, and as we came into the park I aired down to 15psi, but I hadn’t disconnected my sway-bar as I had only just the night before installed the quick-disconnect system and was having trouble getting the links to “reach” up to the parking pins.

Keith was cool enough to help troubleshoot and found the root cause – a cross member on the frame was sticking out too far on both ends, blocking the sway-bar from swinging up far enough for the links to reach.  He gave me the tip to grind down the ends a bit with a flapper wheel when I got back home (Watch the Video Here) but a few zip-ties would get us by for the day.

He gave us a run down of the trails we’d be hitting, reviewed the spotting signals, and soon we were saddled up and headed towards our first trails and obstacles. It was a blast. We had good chatter going on the CB; Keith and Jim were both really good about giving pointers and clear direction. Debbie was running around like a firecracker getting some great footage of it all, and we were creek-deep in it!

I won’t recap the run itself as the films do a better job, but about halfway through we took a nice break up near the falls, and then broke for lunch after we returned to camp.  Good conversation. good food, and great weather capped off the day and soon we were aired up and on our way back into town.  Perfect day indeed!

Here is the super awesome video from DJK Films:

And here’s a little FPV action from the GoPro: