Jeep JK Quick Disconnect Reach Fix

Been a crazy past couple weeks – lots of upgrades to post and another trip to Hidden Falls to write up. In the mean time, I’ve put together a quick video on an issue I had to resolve with my Swaybar.  After installing the TeraFlex quick disconnect system, I wasn’t able to get my swaybar links to “park” up on the provided mounting points.  I would swing the bar up as far as I could, but the links were a good 2-3″ short of the pin..

I thought I may have picked the wrong mounting point for the parking stud. My wife thought I ordered the wrong kit completely. Turns out, everything was correct, I just had a minor issue with the Jeep itself.  That weekend I took it up to Hidden Falls for a guided crawl with the Hill Country Crawlers, and Keith from Jones Jeeps set me straight.

It turns out the swaybar should have been able to swing higher than it was, but one of the body pipes was simply too long on both ends and blocking the swaybar rotation.  We tried to wiggle the bar side-to-side to get it up and over, to no avail. Zip ties would have to do for the crawl, but with a few tips I was back home with the right tools to get the job done right.

There isn’t a ton of information on this issue out there, and no info in the Teraflex documentation, so I threw together a quick walk-through video on how I corrected the problem with about 10 minutes, an angle grinder, and some paint-