Project: Thanos JK

2013 was a busy year – no new posts here even though a lot of changes happened.  Just the way it goes sometimes, you live life so in-the-now that you forget to stop and reflect.  Resolving to do better in 2014, maybe even do a longer piece out on my full blog.

But for now, the exciting news is that with the lease on my Altima is done and gone, our 3-year plan to finally get the Jeep we’ve always wanted is in the works.  So, the hunt began for a Jeep Wrangler with some of the starting features we knew we wanted – 4 door, 3″ full lift, 35″ tires, black-on-black look.

It actually took a lot less time than we thought to find exactly what we wanted – in early December we’d gone to the dealership just to get the ball rolling on picking out a base Wrangler to work with, planning on a few weeks of waiting for them to apply the lift/wheel/tire package we wanted.  To our surprise, there happened to be one on the lot that they had already modded out – as if they knew we were coming.

So, rather than having to wait, we instead drove off the lot with a 2014 Unlimited Sahara which was modded right out of the gate with a 3″ TeraFlex lift kit, black ProComp wheels, 35″ Kelly Safari TSR tires.   As a bonus it even had the minor upgrades we were hoping for: remote start, Uconnect (bluetooth phone/music).  Finally, the newer Wranglers also come equiped with next-gen Dana 30/44 axles and a 3.73 ratio, which should handle the 35″ tires for almost all of our trail needs without getting too crazy.

Having the Jeep early also meant being able to take it with me up to Colorado to visit family.  Drove it up the 1k miles which was a nice break in for the engine, and got to tool around in some nice Monarch area and Great Sand Dunes offroad trails which showed me just how capable this thing already is.

The Theme

Lots of people come up with clever Jeep-related themes like Jeepzilla, Zombiecon, etc. I played around with a few different Ronin related concepts but it just didn’t seem to fit the big, bulky, power-through, brick-in-the-wind jive of the Wrangler (I also couldn’t find a way to customize plates with anything Ronin or iRonin related without it being Ronin1224 or some nonsense).  Then it hit me – why not base a Jeep concept around one of the baddest, maddest titans in the galaxy?


I mean just look at him. His chin even looks like the signature Jeep grille. My hands were shaking a bit as I went out to the custom plates entry form and typed out the letters – oh please oh please oh please don’t let it be taken.   To my amazement – it was available. To my further amazement, m wife was totally down with the concept, so jumped on it hard and went for the 10 years 🙂

Build Accents

I’m dedicating a page for tracking the build progress, but I plan on doing some fun accents with the Thanos concept beyond the standard 4×4 upgrades.  Since Thanos was infatuated with Lady Death, I plan on having a custom Caddy-esque hood ornament made featuring her cloakyness.

I’m also working out ways to incorporate the Infinity Gauntlet Soul Gems.  My first thought was to do some multi-colored lug nuts on the front passenger wheel, but I may have to do something different given that my wheel only have 5 studs and the wheels have a center cap that cover them…

So much to think about, so much to do 🙂 Excited to build but even MORE excited to get it out on the trails and do some wheeling and camping!