Rapid Cognitive Evolution

Normally I’m content to just link good Ted Talks directly into my Twitter or Facebook feeds, but every so often I come across some that I resonate deeply with – this is one of those talks. Many of the topics here are subjects that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking about with my fiancee, friends and roommates.

Assuming you’ve watched the video first – one of the points that I never even considered was the fact that historically, multiple species of “humans” have co-existed in the same time span, so this notion that there is only one species of human being today that is “all men created equal”, subdivided only by minor racial or socioeconomic factors is a rather arrogant notion.

I tend to agree with Juan’s position that the reason why we don’t spend a whole lot of time advertising this concept of multiple species of humans is that the reasoning tends to quickly slide down the slippery slope of eugenics – and like religion – the moment you proport fundamental differences in populations of people, those concepts can lead to decisions and actions whose outcomes end very, very badly for people on the “other side” of the lines drawn.

Simply put: For all our scientific advancements, as a people we are still too immature to explore these concepts without misusing the knowledge we gain.

Lots of thoughts and associations swimming through my head on this one – it may be time to blow the dust off my creative writing blog and make another entry.