Razor Naga Tricks : Mouse-Over Insta-AOE Casting

First, check out the demo video of the macro in action – those of you who are quick learners or visually perceptive will likely watch it and instantly understand how to do it, and can skip the step-by-step that follows:


In the video example, my mouse is physically set to number pad mode rather than numeric mode.  This mode is set underneath the mouse as Num vs 123, and this walk-though assumes the switch is seet to Num.

Section 1: Create the Macro

  1. First, decide which thumb pad button you want to use for the macro.  In the video example, I’m using the #5 button. I like using #5 because it sits as the most balanced, centralized button on the thumb pad which means pressing it will result in the least amount of “squeeze twitch” which results in jittery mouse cursor aiming.
  2. With #5 in mind, you open the Razor Naga Configurator, and click on the Manage Macros tab.
  3. Click on New and give your macro a name. I called mine “Target AOE 5“, which let’s me know what the macro does, and which thumb-pad button slot it means to replace.  Click OK to create the new, empty macro.
  4. Before recording, make sure the “Ignore delay between events” box is checked.
  5. Now click Record. The button text will change to Stop to let you know you are recording.
  6. First, press and release the key you had in mind from step one.  In my case, since this macro will be taking the place of 5 key on the number pad, I hit that.  The result should be 2 entries in the Current Macro assignment box: a Num5 designated with a down arrow, followed by another Num 5 designated with an up arrow.
  7. Next, hover your mouse over some empty area (don’t leave it over the record/stop button or you will stop recording early) and Left Click. The result should be 2 additional entries in the Current Macro Assignment box: a Left Button Down entry, and a Left Button Up entry.
  8. You should now have 4 total entries in the assignment box – similar to the screenshot below.  If you forgot to check the Ignore Delay option in step 4, you may have delay indicators also showing here – these can be removed by right clicking on each one and selecting Delete.
  9. Click Apply to save the macro settings once you are finished.


Section 2: Assign the Macro

  1. Click the “Assign Buttons” tab in the Naga Configurator.
  2. Once there, click the Thumb Grid View sub-tab at the top, the mouse picture should flip, showing you the side of the mouse where the thumb buttons are located.
  3. The default view will show you the 123 mode, but remember that the example uses Num mode.  Click the NUM toggle button on the right side of this screen to switch to it.
  4. Once you switch, you’ll notice that the button assignments for 1-12 change slightly, indicating that they are pressing Num keys, i.e “Single Key: Num 1″.
  5. Find the bank that matches the slot for the macro we just made.  In this case it will be line 5.
  6. Click the drop down list, and select Macro. A sub menu will appear showing you all the macros available. Locate the one we made (Target AOE 5) and select it.
  7. Line 5 should now read “Macro: Target AOE 5”, similar to the screenshot below.
  8. Click Apply to save the changes to the mouse profile.

Section 3: Assign the in-game ability

  1. Launch or Alt-Tab back into your World of Warcraft game.
  2. Find the appropriate toolbar where you’ve bound your naga buttons, and locate the one that matches #5 on the mouse.
  3. Drag and drop a targeted AOE spell onto this button.  No special in-game macros required,  just drag it straight form your spell book onto the bar.
  4. Test by hovering your mouse over a designated area, and hitting the button on your naga that we just configured (Thumb 5).  The aoe spell from your toolbar should instantly cast where the mouse is positioned without even showing you the targeting area indicator – That’s it!

Section 4: /profit

I don’t particularly recommend this trick to someone who isn’t comfortable with the aoe radius of their spells – until you get the feel for where the edges are, you may inadvertently aoe mobs you don’t intend to since the cast happens instantly.

Having said that, if you want a quick peek at the effect area just before the mouse click goes off, you can edit the macro and introduce an artifical delay between the key down/up and the mouse down/up events.    This will delay the mouse click so that you can see the target indicator for a moment before the aoe goes down.  The longer the delay, the more time to make any last second corrections to the positioning before it goes off.

Then, once you master your radii, you can come back to the macro and remove the delay.

Happy AOEing!