Cataclysm’s End

The wow raiding guild I’m in downed Deathwing today for the first time, bringing to a close the Cataclysm expansion which has been out for a couple years.  Pretty fun fight, it really calls for everyone to step up their game (at least right now, pre-nerfs and with only a few of us barely having new set bonuses)

There’s one point at the end where I pull threat and nearly die on the big rock golem guys – the healers barely pulled me out of it as I popped Dream (50% damage reduction mechanic).  The loss of even one person usually spells defeat as you are constantly running out of time.

I was kind of sad because I turned in my best DPS yet (50k) on the winning attempt, but the guy who usually logs for us left early so they’re not up on world of logs 🙁

Fun fight – now on to Heroic versions 🙂