Workout Journal: 2/28

Weight: 250 (-5 from last week)

Got to the gym somewhat late; (9:20pm, closes at 10) so not a ton of time; but still manged to incorporate an extra exercise (Tris).  Took better note of what the exercises were officially called on the machines and made some corrections to the alpha journal.

Down 5 lbs from last week – also got some minor workout in on Sat/Sun due to motorcycle class (5 hours of riding each day).  Felt good to go, I can already feel the cardio getting easier and I’m not struggling to finish my reps like I was last week Will see how I feel tomorrow morning – but it felt good to not be quite as gassed at the end as previously.

Workout: 02/28/2011

  1. Elliptical: Warm up 5 min. – Noticing an improvement to stamina here, was able to hit a target heart rate of 130-135 and kept it to nose breathing.
  2. Assisted Chin-ups: 20/2, 175lbs (75lbs net) – felt a lot easier, could be due to having lost 5lbs further offsetting the counterweight.
  3. Triceps Push Down: 20/2 40lbs – felt good to do these again after so long.
  4. Low Row: 20/2 70lbs – No change from last week.  Weight jumps from 70 to 85 – tried a couple on 85 and realized I can’t quite make the leap yet and still hope to finish 20 reps per like I can on 70.
  5. Chest Press: 20/2 70lbs – Different machine this time, rather than trying to guesstimate the total plate weight I went with the machine that just has the marked weighs / pin.
  6. Elliptical: Fat Burn 10 min. – Again noticing an improvement there, heart rate stayed lower (135-140), able to breathe through nose mostly.