Back In Black (and Blue)

Whelp, it’s been a while since I’ve had much to post.  The holidays were fun, we got our snow here in Austin just over a month late (better late than never I suppose), and now it’s time to fully embrace the new year.

The bad news: I haven’t really been following my diet.  The good news: I haven’t been totally retarded, so I’ve only managed to gain back about 6-8lbs.  Most importantly, I (we) finally made the gym thing a reality, kicking the plan up from diet to diet and exercise.

We signed up for this Fitness 19 place down the road which is pretty convenient. They have a no-frills setup where we pay only $9 a month per person with no contract and no inflation.  They keep their costs low by not having amenities like a swimming pool, sauna room, etc – just a giant area with plenty of up-to-date equipment.

Having been twice now it seems like their “up-sell” is personal training. They aren’t pushy, but they do employ a couple of psychology tricks I’ve been reading about lately to get you to sign up for a few personal trainer session classes in bulk.  We’ll see.  On Tuesday I underwent the “first one’s free” session with a trainer that may have pushed me just a little too hard for someone who literally hasn’t been doing actual strength training in years, so for the past few days I’ve been nursing the excruciating pain in my shoulder and elbow tendons.  I, quite literally, feel like C-3PO, walking around with my elbows at pain tolerable 90′ angles and limited shoulder rotation.  No pain, no gain eh?

I think the plan (for myself anyways) is to spend a couple of weeks with much less weight just getting my connective tissue back on track and working on my form so that I can get to where I’m actually working out the muscles until they are tired rather than my joints until they burn.  It’s kind of fucked up because I can really tell there’s a lot of muscle memory there in the actual muscle I do have… but my stamina is shot.

Anyhow, I look forward to getting healthy and continuing the process, I really think I can have my weight and my cuts sorted out by December if not this time next year!

I also finally made the dive into music production. After much research and trying out a standard turn-table setup that my lovely girlfriend gave me for xmass, I realized that I’m better suited for beat production than I am for actual DJ’ing.  So I reinvested and instead picked up a Native Instruments Maschine.  I absolutely love it.  I’m only a fraction of the way through learning it but already I’ve feel confident enough to put together a few beats that I would even listen to in the car.  I still have a lot to learn about overall composition but as soon as I get a song or two fully made I will definitely demo some of my work here via YouTube 🙂

That’s about it – In the coming weeks I’ll try to get back to the weigh-ins and podcasts to help keep me honest, as well as getting back into my discovery mode of sharing neat stuff from the interwebs!