Week 9 [12.17]


First, a quick note about last week’s podcast – my iphone and computer were at odds and during the copy the file got screwed up. Problem is I usually do it as a Move, so I lost the original 🙁  So no post no podcast for last week, although it wouldn’t have been very interesting regardless.

It’s been pretty hectic – as the holidays usually go. For Andi, her entire business goes ballistic during this time of year, and for me it’s everyone wanting to squeeze in as much development task completion before the break.  So the two of us have been working until 7-8-9pm, catching late dinners and otherwise wanting to crash or veg out.

Still, along the way we’ve managed to get a little WOW time in (mostly last week).  Got the toons to 85, started gearing them out for Cata raiding – the expansion so far has been an absolute blast of entertainment that you can take in bite-sized chunks.  Most nights we’d basically get home late and in a couple of hours knock out a couple of good quest hubs or areas and you can drop the game feeling like you hit a decent stopping point every time, which is nice.

As for the diet – it’s basically non existent with it being so hectic AND it being the holidays.  I am at least happy to report my weight is holding, so hopefully it will hang on until the week after when our overwhelming guilt will get us back on track for the new year.

I’m very grateful for the vacation – I usually end up burning weeks of unused each year since I rarely travel, I think next year we want to make an improved effort to get outside of Texas and check out more places, but for this year it’ll be nice to hang out and catch up on shows and gaming 🙂

Catch you all next week – I wasn’t planning on doing a podcast but maybe we’ll do a Christmas special or something fun… we’ll see, no guarantees!