Week 6 [11.19]


Not entirely sure how, but I managed to lose more weight. With it being my girlfriend’s birthday and all we decided to put Atkins on hold and just have fun – I guess it’s just that even though we broke diet I still (overall) wasn’t consuming a ton of calories to put anything back on. I guess that’s good right – it’s what I have to look forward too once I’m down to a healthy weight – splurging every so often as long as it’s in moderation. I’m still having issues getting my ass into the gym tho – I really don’t understand what the mental block is, my body reacts very well to exercise but my epic laziness is like this entropic weight holding me back – I must overcome!

I took a risk this week and emailed Joey & Felicia at their podcast (Beauty and Da Beast). I’m kinda worried cause I know I’m a goober and I get so excited to talk to people I respect that I tend to overwhelm. I think it happened again cause it’s been a few days and I haven’t heard anything back. 🙁 Ah well… I don’t mind that I wear my feelings on my sleeve – cool people are cool people and I don’t mind letting them know that they are!

Let’s see; this week we checked out a couple of decent movies – Due Date earlier and Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows tonight. Good flicks. Also got to partake in a fun night of comedy; although Andy Ritchie killed it over the headliner (Bill Dwyer) imho.

On the technology front – two exciting developments. First off, you can now use your Facebook account to register on iRonin.org – just pick a username and you’re good to go. Much easier than having to maintain another login! I also implemented a few other Facebook features like a “Like” button for the website. Also, there’s a new badass Chrome-based web browser out now called RockMelt, and it is freaking awesome. They designed it with social networking in mind so now you can share from the toolbar, drag-and-drop things to your friends, and keep track of all your RSS feeds, tweets, and wall notifications all in one sleek browser without the need for TweetDeck or other such software. The only problem is – it’s invite only – so people need to accept my invites for me to get more!

Finally, on a somewhat related note – my Twitter posts have been all over the place as of late. That’s because my slow ass has discovered the joys of tweeting on trending (fun) topics, such as #lazyromancenovel and #boringprequels . It’s like I discovered a whole new face to Twitter – the downside is my follower count has gone up and down like a roller coaster depending on how creative (read:vulgar) the topic is – so I think my Twitter account is going to have to be Rated M for Mature 😀

I think that’s about it this week – Next up, Thanksgiving! Going to try to get some more AR Drone flights in with videos too so stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to remind the people you love that you love them with more than just words!