Week 5 [11.12]

Lengthy podcast this time around – guess I had more to talk about than I originally thought.  I’m also horribly incorrect when referring to the scale this week, I was treating each tic mark as 1 lbs, when in reality it’s 2. So I’m basically down another 2 pounds to 242 from last week, which is cool.

I’ve procrastinated getting into the exercise thing another week, I’m going to have to suck it up and make something happen cause this 2 lbs thing isn’t cutting it for me.  As you may have seen in the separate post, I got to see Joe Rogan and crew down at the Cap City Comedy club with my friend Brandon – good times all around.  This week I also got my first “famous” person response on twitter after making a funny Motivational Poster for Joey Diaz on the Rogan forums – he dug it and asked me to toss it on his Facebook page 🙂

Good times all around. This week we have Comic Con, my favorite person in the whole world’s birthday, and Bil Dwyer at Cap City!