Week 4 [11.05]


Down another 2 lbs this week – which is pretty good considering we didn’t worry about sticking to Atkins for Halloween. I think we offset that night with a lot of walking and dancing though which probably burned a lot of the would-be-carbs. I also stuck (for the most part) to drinking lighter stuff like Bud Select, although I got shit for it from our friend and bartender Duc at 219 West 🙂

All in all a good week – got my AR Drone back, got to shoot a little video of it in action (check it out on my youtube channel, or in the AR Drone post). Also finally picked up Rockband 3, so I’ll get to check it out here this week and report on how good it is/isn’t (Still no uber guitar yet tho).  Also some good progress on the Mind front – got some good collaboration meetings in with my start-up friends and now have plenty of review material to dig into so I can brush up on PHP and whatnot so we can get started!

This week: Another (hopefully) focused intent on working in some real exercise – but we’ll see.  Tomorrow night – Joe Rogan! Really hoping I’ll get to meet him after! #notgayatall