Miracle Planet

I’d been wanting one clean documentary to cover the gambit, as sometimes it’s a little difficult trying to wrap ones head around things that took place billions to millions to thousands of years ago.  This one knocked it out of the park for me – and it gave me tons of knew insight on the [ Evolution – What’s Next ] theory I blogged about in October.

Note that the documentary is actually broken up in two ways: There’s 5 total episodes that are an hour long each, but due to YouTube upload restrictions, each episode is then broken down into four 15 min segments.  I found that the “more videos” bar that shows up at the end was pretty accurate at picking the next movie in the chain, but for convenience I’ve included a direct link to the master playlist under the movie below.

Without further adieu, here’s the first segment of the first episode.. enjoy:

[ Click here to jump right into the full playlist ]