Joe, Joey, Brian & Esther

What a great day – started with my girl, we went and checked out RED – turned out to be decently funny, we really enjoyed it.  Lunch/dinner at Texas Roadhouse which is always win, and then later in the evening I was out with my buddy for the main event: [ Joe Rogan ] live.

What can I say without sounding like a weirdo? It was awesome getting to see and meet him in person – there’s very few people I’ve found in the world that are on the same wavelength with the crazy shit I think about, and near as I can tell, this guy was cut from that same cloth.  It’s just so bizarre to find someone that cool and down to earth and famous; usually famous destroys all the rest of it and the best you can hope for (as a fan anyways) is for them not to be a complete douche.  I was astonished at how patient he was, even after 22 years of doing comedy, still engaging with his fans. I told him I knew a comedy show wasn’t the Make a Wish foundation or anything, but that it was sincerely cool that he’s doing what he’s doing with the podcast and the shows.

Speaking of douche though –

WTF is with the face I’m making? I mean fuck,  here’s my chance to get a picture with one of the few people I admire, and I look like some asshole on Jersey Shore who pulled him aside for a quick snapshot between Jägerbombs?! Ugh. I felt like such a dumbass, but I’m one of those people who would never ask for a second picture cause I don’t want to be a nuisance. Still, I hope to maybe one day meet Joe again and actually have a conversation with the dude, I bet we could get to talking about some crazy shit.

Anyhow, I managed to pose better when I got to Redban and Little Esther:

Just sucks the picture came out kinda crappy. Ah well, proof is proof. The only person I didn’t get a picture with was [ Joey “CoCo” Diaz ] which kills me BUT I did get to walk out with him at the close of the show. I told him he did a great job and then, for reasons unknown to me at this time, I donned a near perfect imitation voice of him and said “NOW LETS GET OUTTA HERE AND GET SOME FUCKIN’ CHICKEN AND WAFFLES” – which to my surprise he replied – “LET’S FUCKIN DO IT!”.   It was awesome from my perspective but about 10 seconds later I thought “Wow, this dude probably has dozens of people walk up to him each day and impersonate him to his face – and just now I became one of those people”. Damnit.

Joey, if you ever read this, sorry man.

Meeting Brian and Esther was cool – I had just gotten done getting my picture with Joe when I noticed they were off to the side, not currently getting mobbed. I really wanted to talk to Brian actually because, being a web geek, I wanted to ask if he ever considered using [ Livestream ] instead of [ Ustream ] for the podcasts. Turns out Ustream gave them a good deal on using their service and Livestream – well – Livestream wanted to charge them the stupid amount they charge for a non-free account.

I then felt compelled to say something to Esther who was also standing there – but I felt like such a dumbass because I had never heard her stand-up before that night – and to make matters worse the Rogan podcast she was on just happened to be one of the ones I need to catch up on – so I had no idea who she was going into the show.  So I told her that when my buddy said “lil Esther” was one of the opening acts, my mind immediately associated to “lil Kim” and so I pictured a black comedian, perhaps a larger woman being that the “lil” was part of the gig, like calling a giant football player Tiny or some shit you know?  I dunno, she laughed pretty good so I’m hoping she caught the humor in my astonishment when she took the stage as pretty much the opposite of a large black woman.

But seriously I don’t know wtf is wrong with me cause after I got home I asked my girlfriend what she thinks of when she pictures the name Little Esther – and she said “A little old lady?”.  I was like… fuck – I’m pretty sure that’s what all normal people think of when they hear that shit.  But then I realized that the reason my mind jumped from Little Esther to Lil Kim is because Notorious was on cable a couple nights ago and I watched it.  But still – I mean she even had jokes in her routine that talked about how her name sounds like an old lady name.  Know what kind of jokes she didn’t have in her routine? Exactly. Damnit.

Esther, if you ever read this, sorry girl.

Good times and great comedy all around – I hope they come back to Austin soon!