AR Drone – Take Two

This is actually the second inaugural flight for this guy.  See I got it a while back, and after a brief stint out front, it decided to completely freak out, climbing to 20+ feet and crashing into the side of my house – without my hands on the controls (when you let go it’s supposed to default to a stable hover).  After that crash, the internal WiFi would no longer broadcast, so I had to mail it in for repairs.
So this is the flight after getting it back. It also features a 3rd party app called [ FlightRecord ], which features in-flight recording of either camera or PiP of both.  My roommate came out and did some 3rd person filming as well, so I decided it would be fun to weave the captured footage, add some music and make a video of it.  In truth, the video was designed to be in sync with Disturbed’s Defy, but after uploading it to YouTube they muted the audio due to copyright issues 🙁  So, I replaced the tunes with the classic Folk Implosion Natural One and it let that fly.
*Spoiler Alert* I suggest watching the video above all the way through before reading further!

Yes, what you saw at the end was the freak out issue that caused my drone to crash the first time…I was hoping that this [ confirmed issue ] would have been resolved in the new firmware, or in whatever hardware they replaced in my drone, but alas, no.   When I was trying to make the drone get some air, it capped out at almost exactly 4m as you see in the video towards the end. This seems to be the software limitation.  When it freaked out, it was up there, I’d wager 30+ feet… unfortunately that first person footage was lost because when it crashed, the recording file got corrupted and didn’t save properly 🙁
Lesson learned – I gotta take this guy to an open park!