Week 3 [10.29]



Continued weight loss, down about another 5 – here’s about where I stall and usually spike my diet out of ketosis and then back into it to break the plateau, but I may also use it as an excuse to start some light exercise.  My girl and I went to the [ Interpol ] show last night which was pretty damn fun.  Also finally think I kicked being sick, although there’s speculation that what’s going on with my sore-throat-only-at-night deal is allergies.

Other than that, been focusing a bit on side projects – finally got juiced enough about a business idea my friends and I have been working on, juiced enough to actually start white-boarding, etc – always a good feeling, decided to try my hand at making a video presentation instead of what I usually do, which is write up a 7 page White Paper.  Also helped another friend get their business website up which was fun, you can check it out at  [ roundrockchildpsychology.com ].  The theme is a combination of two they liked – the flowers were migrated over using photoshop and some css trickery to get the menus to hover over them with a “frosted” look.

All in all a productive week – looking forward to Halloween downtown tomorrow night with the lady!