Million-Dollar Question

Pumped out a lengthy blog post about some of my religious views. As I apologize for in the beginning – I hope it doesn’t offend anyone with differencing views.

In short, I’m an Agnostic (Technically an Agnostic-Theist) whereas once upon a time I was Catholic. Seems like the more you learn the more you realize how much we don’t actually know, and worse, how much of it sounds like it may have been true, if humans didn’t spend so much time altering the knowledge and history for their own gains.

I believe there’s more to our story than meets the Darwin eye (thus the Theist part), but I’m pretty sure the correct version of our origin is not encapsulated in any “one” story or belief that is 100% correct, not even science… I believe Jung & Campbell were entering into the right territory when they allowed non-scientific ideas of gods and mythology into the otherwise scientific domain of psychology – and I believe we may one day find the answer, but we don’t have it now and if they had it then, it got lost in translation.

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