Andi and I got to check out Interpol tonight at Stubbs BBQ – great show.  We went down early to make a dinner out of it too – and quickly remembered that the actual BBQ at Stubbs is… not all that delicious lol.  Still, it was a good ‘ol time, we got to stand pretty close and I even scored a sweet video of Evil – I’m pretty impressed with the mic on this iPhone 4!  The opening act was a group called the White Rabbits – not bad at all either.  They kind of sounded like Interpol crossed with Arcade Fire crossed with.. Slipknot (I’m kidding, although they came to mind cause this band also features like 19 people who play various drums at different portions of the show).   We were cracking up because the lead singer looks JUST like one of our friends from TN.

All in all a great time – going to shows always reminds us how fun it is TO go to shows, I really want to make an effort to attend more!

Check out the Pictures from the show [ here ].