For it being our favorite holiday, we’ve been putting it off actually having fun with it for way too long. So this year we vowed to do the whole nine – get costumes and dedicate to going downtown for the festivities.  A friend of ours recommended just getting a hotel for the night too, so we could have fun within walking distance and not have to worry about a car or getting home.  So we price-lined a room at the Hyatt for hella cheap and made an entire afternoon and night of it.

We got downtown and checked in at around 4.  She’d never really gotten to check out the city during the day, so we started with a good walk up Congress to 6th and then walked 6th down towards the end near Esters Follies.  Along the way we found a cool little boutique selling various stuffs and, having forgotten a belt for my costume, I found a sweet skull and crossbones belt of good quality for $25.

We then walked back in anticipation for nightfall.  The hotel was right by the [ Congress Bridge ], and neither of us had officially seen the bats fly out, so we stopped on the bridge and hung out, taking pictures of the cityscape, each other, the boats as they trolled on by under us, and otherwise got some good people watching in.  It was good, fun, quality time… except that the bats never really showed 🙁 After the sun had set set and you couldn’t really see, a few boats that were below were shining lights up at the underside of the bridge and you could kind of see them swarming around in the light, but unfortunately we didn’t score the epic erruption of them leaving in grand fashion.  Ah well, gives us an excuse to go back eh?  I postulated that there really weren’t very many bats to be had because that night was one of the few opportunities for them to walk around in human form and not have anyone care 🙂

From the bridge it was back to the hotel where we changed into our costumes and met up with our room mate and another couple we’re good friends with to head out.  Everyone’s costumes looked great!  We wanted to get something to eat before getting to the drinking, so we stopped over at the TGI Fridays attached to the Radisson across the bridge.  Had a pretty fun time there, too – our waiter was pretty cool and there were other people in costume getting their grub on 🙂

After dinner, we hit the streets – there were SO many creative costumes – way more than I would have expected, especially given that there’s one of those Halloween Spirits stores like every 2 miles along I35 it seems lol.   One of my favs was a dude who dressed up like [ Antoine Dodson ].  He had a sign on him saying “Hide your kids, hide your wife!” and everything.  My other favorites were two guys I saw on separate occasions with awesomely convincing [ Les Grossman ] outfits, one of them even had the dance moves down pat.

We started out at 219 West, where our long time bartender friend Duc was working – we had a great time, saw some sweet costumes, and even got to witness an awesome trick where he basically stacked like 10 shakers,  each containing shots, vertically and proceeded to pour them all nearly-simultaneously into their respective glasses by making a crazy bridge with the entire stack – I’d never seen that shit before lol.  I have it on video, too, but it’s pretty dark and I’m sick of messing with Photoshop enough to not want to have to go video edit it, so you’ll just have to trust me.

After 219 we rolled over to Qua (sp) to see about some dancing, but when the $20 cover charge was presented – yeah – sorry but this is still Austin, not Miami lol.  So we trotted on over to Speakeasy where the cover was only seven bucks, and decided to make it happen there.  We started out at the bottom level – sang and danced in the back where the cover band was playing fun crowd music – got to see more awesome costumes, like a Beelejuice and Lydia combo.

We finished out the night upstairs on the terrace, one of my favorite spots in Austin.  Everyone was pretty inebriated, having a great time, dancing, and the DJ was off the hook with the house music selections.  He was good enough that a few times during the night I showed him songs on my ipod screen and he would give me a thumbs up and have the song mixed and ready to roll within seconds as the previous song wrapped up.  So I was stoked that I got to dance to a little Deadmau5 (Ghosts ‘n Stuff, Hi Friend) and Afro Jack (Take Over Control) – the crowd seemed to dig the selections too 🙂

And there we were – in costume, dizzy from the alcohol and the fun – dancing our dances and having a great time with a high energy crowd.  I had the Burger King dancing behind me on a table, Less Grossman to my left, this sexy blond vampire in front of me, and my awesome friends to my right.  It was the pirate’s life! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Bud! (Select, I gotta keep it low carb!)

After the 2am call, we were starving – this is the fun part because everyone is stumbling about trying to figure out where to go. I heard that another one of our good friends had driven down to meet us, and he recommended this Korean BBQ joint about a block up – the line for it was big, but it was definitely worth the wait! I had some burrito thing that was like pork with cilantro and zomg – maybe it was the the alcohol but it was tasty as fuck.  After that the same cool friend offered to give us a lift back to the hotel since he was sober and so we skipped the dangerous stumble back in lieu of the free ride 🙂

Back at the hotel, we wound down with a little people watching outside the room.  My roommate filmed a pretty epic dialog between myself, him and my girl that you can watch below if you’re registered.  I say some silly shit when I’m toasted!  I was laughing so hard when he showed it to me today.


Speaking of today, that’s when I’m writing this, so it’s fresh in my memory 🙂 My poor baby is passed out behind me, hung over – she had a blast.  I’m actually feeling fine cause I stuck to those Bud Selects most of the night, so basically I drank a shit ton of beer flavored water.  🙂  I also just finished uploading all the pics I got to Facebook, so if you’re hooked up with me on there you can see the evidence – er – signs of the good times there.

And with that, Happy Halloween!! It was definitely worth doing and will be worth doing again! Next year, no basic pirate, I must go custom! [ Altiair ] maybe, if I’ve lost enough weight?? We’ll see!